10th November 2008
Dear valued customer,
We are pleased to announce that effective from the  9th November 2008, the legal name of the global family of Harlan companies has been changed to

The Company and the other members of the Harlan Laboratories global family of companies have also adopted a new corporate logo as can be seen atop this document.

The changes are being made to unify the image and brand of the Harlan Laboratories global family of companies (Harlan Sprague Dawley, worldwide Harlan companies, Teklad, RCC, and Safepharm). We believe that our name, Harlan Laboratories captures the essence of all of our constituents, and the new brand look supports our mission of helping our customers do research, better. The choice of "laboratories" respects the fact that a large portion of our business is laboratory-based.

With our name change, we are coming together under a single banner worldwide, with one vision, one set of values, and a company-wide passion for scientific excellence. From proven research models and services to world-class contract research, we offer you the experience, quality, and consistency that are essential to your success.

We’re Harlan Laboratories. And we’re here to help you do research better.

Thank you for your business and if you would like additional information about our company, please visit www.harlan.com to read our press release and to see our new brand.

Nati Ezov
General Manager
Email: natie@harlanisrael.com

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